DX4WIN 8.04

DX4WIN 8.04

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DX4WIN 8.04

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Welcome to DX4WIN!


Stop Before proceeding, please read the following section in case you are Upgrading from a previous version.


After reading this section, close this help window by clicking the close button in the title bar of the window.


In this document we use the notation like File | Preferences | Personal often. It means that you click on 'File' on the main menu, followed by a click on 'Preferences' followed by a click on 'Personal'. 'Personal' in this case is not a menu option, but one of the available selections on the notebook shown.


We recommend that you complete some fields in the File | Preferences | Personal section, since distances and directions to a country are based on the location of your home QTH for example.


You leave the preferences section by selecting the File | Save changes and exit option.


After you become more familiar with the program, using the demonstration log file, experiment with the Station parameters to eliminate the modes and bands that you do not have an interest in, so they will no longer show in summaries and reports.


For some commands to become available, you will have to increase the user level. Setting the user level higher than beginner will also allow you to change the size of various windows and the fonts used.


You can start the program by double-clicking the file DX4WIN.EXE in the file-manager or by double-clicking the name of a log file; log files have the extension 'DXL'. Using the latter method will start the program and read the log.


icon_tipNote that a number of windows do not have a visible menu, they use popup menus instead. You activate a popup menu by clicking the right button on your mouse.


There are some useful tips in Moving around in the QSO Window.


Remember, help is always nearby by pressing the F1 key; you can find other help topics by clicking the contents tab in the help screen or by using the search feature of the help system.


You need support?


Additional documentation


In addition to the on-line help you are looking at, you can find the user's guide in the 'docs' sub-directory. The file is called 'usrguide.pdf' and presents the most used features of the program in logical steps. This guide is also available in printed form, spiral bound, from BrookHill Data Systems


This help file is also available in the docs sub-directory, it is called 'helpfile.pdf'


The order.txt file, also in the 'docs' directory is a complete order form.