Upgrading from a previous version
DX4WIN reflector
Legal information
Setting Preferences
Preferences | Control
Control Band Decoder
Band decoder details
Control Rotator
Control Sound card
Control | SteppIR
SteppIR configuration
Preferences | CW
CW and PTT Interface to radio
Preferences | Ext Data
Preferences | F2 Key
Preferences | Import
Preferences | Merge INI file
Preferences | Packet
Preferences | Personal
Preferences | QSO
Preferences | Radio
Notes for Radios
Preferences | Reports / Labels
Preferences | Reports
Preferences | Labels
Preferences | RTTY
Preferences | Screen
Preferences | Station
Preferences | Write INI file
Windows and menus
Addr/QSL Mgr search
Announce DX Window
Change award flags
Change satellite name / mode
CW Keyboard
CW Keyboard: Parameters
DX4WIN keyer
WinKey keyer
Logbook Window
LogBook Window: Confirm / Label
LogBook Window: Goto QSO
LogBook Window: Print
LogBook Window: Report Editor
LogBook Report Editor
LogBook Window: Select report
LogBook Window: Write to File
Main Window
Main Window Layout
Main Window: Awards
Main Window: Calendar
Main Window: File
Main Window: File | Backup
Main Window: File | Close Log
Main Window: File | Databases
Databases | Addresses of QSL Managers
Databases | Country Database
Country Editor Menu: Calls
Country Editor Menu: Country
Country Editor Menu: File
Country Editor Menu: Mappings
Country Editor: Country Calls
Country Editor: Country Details
Country Editor: Country Mappings
Databases | IOTA Database
Databases | Labels
Label Examples
Example 1: label sheet 5160
Example 2: card stock landscape
Example 3: card stock: portrait
Databases | QSL manager database
Databases | Radios
Radio | Cmds / Fields
Radio | File
Radio | General
Radio | Radio
Radio | Test
Radio | Values
Radio address
Radio features
Main Window: File | Exit
Main Window: File | Import / Export
Import / Export File | Exit
Import / Export File | Export
Import / Export File | Import
Import / Export: File | Merge DX4WIN log file
Import / Export: File Menu
Import / Export: Filter | Copy
Import / Export: Filter | Delete
Import / Export: Filter | Edit
Import / Export: Filter | New
Import / Export: Notes
Import Filters: Notes on specific filters
Import filter: ADIF
Import filter: CT
Import filter: DXbase
Import filter: DXLog
Import filter: HyperLog
Import filter: LogEQF
Import filter: LogicW
Import filter: LogMaster
Import filter: LogWin
Import filter: NA
Import filter: SD
Import filter: SwissLog
Import filter: WF1B
Import filter: WJ2O
Import filter: WriteLog
Importing binary files
Mapping prefixes
Import : Confirm Prefix/Zone change
Utility programs
Main Window: File | Info
Main Window: File | New
Main Window: File | Open
Main Window: File | Save
Main Window: File | Save as ...
Main Window: Help
Help | About
Help | Contents
Help | Search for Help on
Main Window: Print Setup
Main Window: Radio
Radio | Ignore Mode in real-time
Radio | Panorama
Radio | Scanner
Radio | Set Frequency
Radio | Start/Close Radio
Radio | Switch Radio
Master Calls
MMTTY PopUp Windows
DX Spots Window
DX Spots Window: Add to callsign alert
DX Spots Window: Award Colors
DX Spots Window: Cancel spot announcements
DX Spots Window: Clear all spots
DX Spots Window: Color Scheme
DX Spots Window: Delete
DX Spots Window: Delete Old Spots (2 Hrs)
DX Spots Window: Grab
DX Spots Window: Grab spot only
DX Spots Window: Listen
DX Spots Window: Monitor
DX Spots Window: Return to last freq
DX Spots Window: Show spot info in QSO Window
DX Spots Window: Sort
DX Spots Window: Toggle Holding (Ins)
DX Spots Window: View announcements
DX Spots Window: Write spots to File
Packet / RTTY Window
Packet / RTTY Window: Announce DX
Packet / RTTY Window: Clear
Packet / RTTY Window: Copy to ClipBoard
Packet / RTTY Window: Edit Function Keys
Packet / RTTY Window: Internet connection
Packet / RTTY Window: Message-n
Packet / RTTY Window: Paste from ClipBoard
Packet / RTTY Window: Read message
Packet / RTTY Window: SH/DX
Packet / RTTY Window: Show Function Keys
Packet / RTTY Window: Toggle holding
Packet / RTTY Window: Toggle immediate mode
Packet  Membership list
Packet Bandmap
Print Window
PSK31 Window
PSK31 Window picture
PSK31 parameters
QSO Window
Navigating the LOG:
QSO Window: Moving around in the QSO Window
QSO Window: Available Keys
QSO Window: QSO
Adding QSOs
QSO | Add off-line
QSO | Add real-time
QSO | Announce DX
QSO | Confirm SWL
QSO | Confirm/Label
QSO | Contest mode
QSO | Delete QSO
QSO | Disable Fields
QSO | Navigate
QSO | Next window size
QSO | Notes editor
QSO | Search Ext data
QSO | Show/DX call
QSO | Special Keys for CW or RTTY
QSO | Stop Adding QSOs
QSO | Update QSO
QSO Window: Sort
QSO Window: Multiple QSOs operations
Multiple QSO operations: Change QSO Time
Multiple QSO operations: Delete QSOs
Multiple QSO operations: Remove Import Notes
Multiple QSO operations: Set Band
Multiple QSO operations: Set Custom Award
Multiple QSO operations: Set Frequency from Note
Multiple QSO operations: Set Group Number
Multiple QSO operations: Set Mode
Multiple QSO operations: Set Name and QTH
Multiple QSO operations: Set QRP
Multiple QSO operations: Set Satellite Name / Mode
Multiple QSO operations: Set US State
QSO Window: Custom Awards
QSO Window: Filter
Filter | Cancel filter
Filter | Count
Filter | Edit group names
Filter | Search
Filter | Search Using Old Filter
Filter | Selection
Filter: Details for various fields
Filter: Examples
QSO Window: QSLs
QSLs: Change QSL Routing
QSLs: Clear QSL Confirmed
QSLs: Clear QSL Date
QSLs: Clear QSL Label flag
QSLs: Clear Sequenced print
QSLs: Clear SWL Labels
QSLs: Mark QSL
QSLs: Print Label options
QSLs: Print Labels in sequence
QSLs: Print QSL Labels
QSLs: Print SWL Labels
QSLs: Set QSL Confirmed
QSLs: Set QSL Date
QSLs: Set QSL Label flag
QSLs: Set QSL Method
QSO Window: LoTW and eQSL
LoTW: Clear LoTW confirmed
LoTW: Clear LoTW upload date
LoTW: Clear LoTW upload flag
LoTW: Export for LoTW
LoTW: Import for LoTW
LoTW: Review QSOs not found
LoTW: Set LoTW confirmed
LoTW: Set LoTW upload date
LoTW: Set LoTW upload flag
QSO Window: Rotator
Rotator | Parameters
QSO Window: Window
QSO Window: Reports
QSO Window: Windows | Switch to packet
Report Window
Report Window: Print
Report Window: Write to File
Same Call Window
Same Call Window: Goto QSO
Same Call Window: Confirm / Label
Summary Windows
SunRise/Set Window
SunRise/Set Window: One Year SunRise/Set
SunRise/Set Window: SunRise/Set by Date
World Map Window
World Map | Find Location
Edit Function Keys
Editing Tables
Popup Menu
Portmap file
Recognizing a DX spot
Select one or more lines in a listbox
Select Prefix (State, IOTA or County)
Sorting QSOs
Split frequency
Switch to QSO Window
Notes about COM ports
Files not included with the program
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: How can I start DX4WIN using my log?
FAQ: How do I add a new country to the database?
FAQ: I do not see what I typed in the Packet / RTTY window
FAQ: My radio is not working, what do I do?
FAQ: My TNC is not working
FAQ: Where should I store my DX4WIN log file(s)?
FAQ: I get a message that the port driver cannot be found
FAQ: LOTW or electronic log submission
Appendix A: QSO fields
qfld: Awards
qfld: Band
qfld: Callsign
qfld: Cnfrm
qfld: Country name
qfld: County
qfld: Custom award
qfld: Date & Time
qfld: Dir / Dist
qfld: eQSL Upload
qfld: eQSL Cnfm
qfld: eQSL Upload Date
qfld: Frequency
qfld: Grid
qfld: Group
qfld: Group Name
qfld: IOTA
qfld: IOTA Island Name
qfld: IOTA Name
qfld: Label
qfld: Manager
qfld: LoTW
qfld: LoTW Cnfm
qfld: LoTW Upload Date
qfld: Mode
qfld: Name
qfld: Notes for this callsign
qfld: Notes for this QSO
qfld: Number
qfld: Prefix
qfld: QRP
qfld: QSL Method
qfld: QSLDate
qfld: QTH
qfld: Recvd
qfld: rstS, rstR
qfld: Satellite Mode
qfld: Satellite Name
qfld: SeqPrtNr
qfld: State
qfld: State Name
qfld: Value (Custom award)
qfld: WPX
qfld: YLop
qfld: Zone
Appendix B: Files
Appendix C: Radio errors
Appendix D: System Error Messages
Appendix E: Data exchange
Appendix F: Revision history
Version 8.04
Version 8.03
Version 8.02
Version 8.01
Version 7.07
Version 7.06
Version 7.05
Version 7.04
Version 7.03
Version 7.02
Version 7.01
Version 6.04
Version 6.03
Version 6.02
Version 6.01
Version 5.03
Version 5.02
Version 5.01