QSO Window: Custom Awards

QSO Window: Custom Awards

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QSO Window: Custom Awards

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Custom, or user-defined, awards are used to collect information for awards that can be defined by the user.


A QSO can store information for a single custom award (in addition to the standard awards for DXCC, WAS etc)


There are two types of awards:


1.An entry consists of up to eight characters. The allowable characters can be specified using a picture mask.
2.An entry is selected from a list of possible values.


The availability of a custom award can be restricted to certain prefixes, bands and modes.


Award 'definitions' are stored in a text file (Save\DX4WIN.AWD) which can be edited using Notepad.exe for example..


Note that a ; (semi-colon) can be used to add comments to the award file.


Below are two examples of each kind of award:


1. The TenTen award:







[1010] The brackets indicate the start of a new award definition. The characters between the brackets are used to store the award in a QSO record. The award abbreviation must be unique and can be up to four characters long.


'awdname' is the name used for display/printing purposes.


'bands' restricts the award to the 10M band. (the bands follow the same sequence as other band displays, starting with the 160M band)


'pictmsk' indicates that only digits can be entered for the value (the TenTen number in this example)



2. Italian provinces award



awdname=Wkd all Italian Prov





VV=Vibo Valentia


This award has no restrictions for modes or bands.

prefix=I,IS indicates that only contacts with stations in Italy and Sardinia are valid for this award.


The list that follows enumerates the selections for this award. AG=Agrigento defines an entry, where 'AG' is the key value and 'Agrigento' is the displayed text. The key value is stored in a QSO record and will also be used when importing/exporting files. The displayed text will be shown in the QSO Window, reports etc. The key value can be up to eight characters long, and both the key value and the displayed text must be unique for a given award.


The following keys are recognized to have a special meaning:


[ABCD]The brackets indicate the start of a new award definition. 'ABCD' represents the internal name used for the award and is the value stored in a QSO record and is used when importing/exporting files. The name can be up to four characters long, and must be unique.


awdname=The long name for the award; displayed in the QSO window and reports


bands=The valid bands (optional; when omitted, all bands can be used)


modes=The valid modes (optional, when omitted, all modes can be used)


prefix=One or more prefixes separated by a comma indicating for which countries the award can be used. (optional, when omitted, all countries qualify)


pictmsk=Is used to format the text input for type1 award values. The following characters determine the allowable characters and possible case conversion:


         'X'                allows any character

         '!'                allows any character, forces upper case

         'a'                allows alphas only

         'A'                allows alphas only, forces upper case

         'l'                allows alphas only, forces lower case

         '9'                allows numbers and spaces only