Moving around in the QSO Window:

Moving around in the QSO Window:

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Moving around in the QSO Window:

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This information is also available in table form


Besides clicking with the mouse on a field, you can use the Tab key to go to the next field. Use the Shift+Tab to go to the previous field. Using the Tab key will skip fields that are disabled. When adding in real-time and a radio is connected, the current mode and band or obtained from the radio and cannot be changed. You can also disable a number of fields to skip fields you do not use very often; see Disabled Fields. The disabled fields can still be selected by a mouse click or use the Ctrl+Tab to reach such a field using the keyboard.


The space bar acts like the Tab key by moving to the next field. This is not the case however for Notes fields and the County field because a space is a valid character in these fields.


A few fields can be reached quickly by pressing Alt+C for the Call, Alt+T for the time and Alt+N for the notes for this Callsign field. Inside a field, the Left- and Right-Arrow keys move around, and the Ins-key switches between inserting / replacing characters.


Some fields offer a limited choice of values, such as mode, band, etc. These fields can be recognized as such by the down-arrow to the right of the field when you select such a field with the mouse. Inside such a field you can use the up- and down-arrow to select the value or type the first character of one of the available choices. When you click the Down-Arrow with the mouse, all possible values will be shown in a drop-down list. Select the value with a mouse click.


The F5 key (Next Window Size) lets you change the size of the QSO window hiding a number of fields to make the window smaller and to easy navigation inside the window..


Fields like Prefix, State, County and IOTA, check for valid entries. If an entry is not valid, by accident or on purpose, you will see a list with all valid values. Type a few characters or use the arrow keys and PgUp / PgDn keys to move to the right spot. Select the entry by pressing the Enter key. Note that for the county field the counties shown are limited to the counties for the state entered.


When you make changes to a QSO, use the F10 key to record the changes made. After pressing F10, you will see the next record in the current sort sequence, and if the filter is enabled the next record matching that filter. If you made a change to a QSO that you want to cancel, just move to the next or previous QSO without pressing the F10 key.


To move the focus to the QSO Window, use the mouse and click in a field, or press the F9 key. Pressing F9 when the focus is on the QSO window already, will start adding QSOs in real-time.