Upgrading from a previous version

Upgrading from a previous version

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Upgrading from a previous version

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We recommend that you install a new version of DX4WIN in the suggested directory. This avoids problems when file formats have changed etc. For example, new versions may change the format of the log files. A new version will always be able to read the old format, but old versions cannot read the new format of a log file!


After installing the program in the suggested directory, follow these steps:


Copy your old log files from the old save sub-directory to the new save sub-directory.
(Optional) Copy the dx4win.rep (report formats) and dx4win.tcp (Internet addresses) files from the old save sub-directory to the new save sub-directory.
Create an INI file in the old version: File | Preferences| Write INI file. Remember the file name and directory where you saved the INI file. Exit the program again, and start the new version.  When you start the new version, merge the INI file, and most parameters will be carried over: File | Preferences | Merge INI file. Make sure to check with File | Save As, that your log will be saved in the correct directory.
Inspect the station preferences and the award band/mode selections. You will have most modes and bands enabled; select the bands and modes you are interested in. (This is only an upgrade issue due to adding more modes and bands, the old format of the INI could not be used for this. The new format will handle this correctly for the future)
The country database: You can copy your old country database (dx4win.cty) to the new directory, or do a merge of your old database with the new database. File | Databases | Merge country database. When merging a country database, you can decide which data sections you want to merge. You will have to set your user level to advanced for this command to be available. Merging a database has the advantage that some data, such as new counties or IOTAs  is available.
If you created a shortcut on your DeskTop to your old version of DX4WIN, make sure the shortcut points to the new version. You will be using the old version otherwise.


The file format of the log changes often as new versions are released. You can always read older versions of the log, but the log will be saved in the current format. Older versions of DX4WIN are not able to read the new format. If you want to go back to an older format, export the log using the appropriate DX4WIN  filter and import that file in your old version.