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Questions and answers listed here have not made it into the on-line help file yet.

  1. How do I upgrade from a previous version?

How do I upgrade from a previous version?

We recommend that you install a new version of DX4WIN in the suggested directory. This avoids problems when file formats have changed etc. For example, new versions may change the format of the log files. A new version will always be able to read the old format, but old versions cannot read the new format of a log file! It also allows you to compare country totals etc between different versions in case you want to verify that.

After installing the program in the suggested directory, follow these steps

  1. Copy your old log files from the old save sub-directory to the new save sub-directory.
  2. (Optional) Copy the dx4win.rep (report formats) and dx4win.tcp (Internet addresses) and dx4win.awd (award definitions) files from the old save sub-directory to the new save sub-directory. (only needed when you modified any of these files)
  3. When you upgrade from version 4.04 or later, create an INI file in the old version File | Preferences| Write INI file (and make sure you exit the program again). Versions prior to 4.04 can create such an INI file, but the registration information is different.
  4. Edit the dx4win.ini file you just created, and locate the section starting with [System] , locate the line RC=xxxxxx and delete this line. Save your file in the new save sub-directory.
  5. You can copy your old country database (dx4win.cty) from the old save directory to the new save directory, or merge the old database into the newly supplied version (recommended)
  6. Start the new version, and close the log in case it was opened automatically.
  7. If you decided to merge the country database, this is the time to do it. File | Databases | Merge country database. You can decide which data sections you want to merge. You will have to set your user level to advanced for this command to be available.
  8. Merge the INI file you edited, and most parameters will be carried over File | Preferences | Merge INI file.
  9. If you have any links to dx4win.exe, from the Desktop for example, make sure such a link points to the correct version.
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